OTS Operator Training Simulator

Commissioning & start-up : Operator training

With Operator Training Simulators (OTS), newcomers will learn the basics while more experiences personnel will have the opportunity to face critical or emergency situations in a classroom environment. An OTS acts as a repository of plant know-how, as relevant operating cases can be integrated into the application and may be replayed for ongoing training.

RSI  solutions

  • Operator Training Simulators : RSI solutions will provide operators with the look and feel of the plant control room, for all major ICSS (Integrated Control & Safety Systems).
  • Standard Process Simulators for initial operator training: RSI’s vast library of Standard Process Programs, which teach concepts fundamental to plant operations, is unsurpassed in size and scope.

RSI advantages

  • Familiarize operators with operating procedures
  • Reduce startup, shutdown time and off-spec production
  • Develop operator diagnosis and tuning
  • Teach operators how to operate safely under critical conditions
  • Troubleshoot real plant
Oil barrel production/day (in Millions)
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