Solutions Simulation & Training

Custom Operating Training Simulator

Our solutions are based on robust high-fidelity models, offering a dynamic behavior very close to the real process in all transient situations.  The result is an Operator Training experience that possesses a high level of realism… Read more

Multi Purpose Dynamic Simulator

RSI has been performing engineering studies and developing Life Cycle Simulators for more than 15 years… Read more

3D Immersive Training

RSI’s virtual reality technology brings together high fidelity dynamic simulation models and plant topography models allowing both the outside operator and console operator to interact with each other as they would in real life… Read more

Training and Simulation

RSI and IFP Training provide unique solutions combining classroom courses with training on dynamic simulators. In addition to Operational Training on Simulator (OTS), we provide operator training courses that lead to a certification… Read more

Companion Training Manual

RSI offers a unique Operations Training program that enables our customers to develop a comprehensive, unit specific, competency-based methodology for training operations staff using our high-fidelity training simulators… Read more

Post-delivery services

To support our customers and to maximize their investment in our OTS solution, RSI provides Post Delivery and Maintenance Services, with the aim of keeping the OTS up to date with changes in the plant as well as supporting Operator Instructors in delivering effective Operator Training programs… Read more

Generic Simulators

RSI offers comprehensive generic high fidelity PC based dynamic simulators. These realistic, high-fidelity, real-time programs build confidence in new trainees and improve the skills of the most experienced operators… Read more