Our SRU, FCC, and Coker Simulators were a big hit at Refining Conferences in Texas

Coking.Com Conferences use RSI Simulators for their Training. RSI Simcon, a world leader in providing Refinery Operator Training Simulators, Refinery Operators Training, and Dynamic Engineering Simulations, participated in Coking.Com’s FCC, Sulfur, and Coking conferences in League City and Galveston, Texas this April. Three (3) different RSI Simcon Dynamic Training Simulators were available for use by refinery trainees as well as conference attendees during the 2-week event.
RSI Simcon’s Training Simulators allowed attendees to get a “hands-on” approach to operating Delayed Coker, Sulfur Recovery, Amine Treating, and FCC Units. At the conferences’ training sessions, RSI’s Simulator Systems were used to demonstrate dynamic plant responses including coke drum switching, hydrocarbons in the sulfur unit feed, foaming in the amine contactor and other challenging operating scenarios.

RSI Simcon’s Simulators are used by all major oil and refining companies to improve operator performance in normal, startup, shutdown and emergency operations of their plants. RSI Simcon provides a full range of simulators from affordable Generic Training Simulators to High-Fidelity Simulators that look and respond exactly like your unit and are also used for engineering applications.

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