Hands-On Experience with a Virtual Coker Unit

RSI Simcon Training Simulators allowed attendees to the Coking.Com conferences to get a “hands-on” approached to operating the SRU, FCC, and Coker units. RSI’s Simulator Systems were used to demonstrate dynamic plant responses including coke drum switching, hydrocarbons in the sulfur unit feed, foaming in the amine contactor and other challenging operating scenarios.

RSI Simcon Delayed Coker Simulator, as all RSI Simcon simulators, can be customize to look exactly like your control system and DCS operating displays to maximize training realism. The various pictures of the Coker Simulator show you the simulator and some screen displays. The dynamic process models are developed using the same design and controls information used to build the actual plant.

RSI’s Simulators allows the Instructor to introduce upset conditions, fail equipment and instruments, in addition to measuring student performance and documenting the training session results

If you missed this hands-on experience at the conferences RSI Simcon can organize Web demos of these simulators. Please contact Dave Pathe at

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Credits : 2MSens & Generation Internet

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