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Repsol speeds up new operators training plan with RSI simulators

February 09, 2017

Status after one year

In 2015, Repsol Human Resources Department (Madrid Head offices) decided to speed up the simulators based training plans to face an increasing demand in operators training. This applied to five Repsol Refineries that had been using RSI Standard Simulators for three years.

Repsol requirements were to improve training efficiency, to share training experiences and tools, and to get more homogeneous methods in all refining sites.

Training a new instructors team

RSI mission was to prepare a new instructors team composed of experienced instructors and beginners. In December 2015, a customized training program has been delivered during four weeks in Repsol Madrid. A training room was equipped by RSI: 6 simulation hardware sets allowing hand’s on practice. Training lessons were managed by a Senior Expert from IFP Training, and a RSI specialist in Standard Simulators.

Twelve Repsol instructors were trained in how to efficiently operate the software facilities offered by RSI Simulators. A main focus was to provide training methodology to adapt the training content to all kinds of operators, and to take the maximum benefits from the simulation tools.

Repsol instructors operators training OTS RSI dynamic simulation simulator

Using simulation cases

More than 70 simulation cases were already provided by the attendees from the different sites. The team’s challenge was to tune the training scenarios, to finalize training documentation and to set up evaluation criteria. Once these cases were documented and tested on the simulators, the final step was to build training cursus to fit the requirements of people to be trained.

At that time, in Repsol refineries 2016 year’s first months simulators schedules were already fully booked. At the end of the training, Repsol Instructors were consistently well prepared for their jobs.

Successful results

During the year 2016, most of the operators had gone through the simulator (more than 90%) following the defined training programs. The end of the year has been dedicated to the preparation of the year 2017 sessions.

The results of the training program have been considered as a great success in the company. That is why in 2017, the training expectations have been raised: training programs will be increased and more operators will be included. This way Repsol is progressively and sustainably giving more relevance to the training on simulators in their operator training cursus.