For more than 50 years, we have provided our customers with high quality simulation tools and engineering services. Our success rests upon our involvement in our values: customer’s satisfaction, technical excellence, and humanity.

RSI simulation values

Our purpose: customer’s satisfaction

We are animated by our clients’ satisfaction. We are doing everything possible to offer a high level of satisfaction to our clients by being attentive, reliable and reactive.

Satisfying our clients by providing them high quality products and services is our ultimate motivation.

Our involvement is rewarded by our clients’ satisfaction.

Our identity: technical excellence

Expertise is our added value. We are aware of the extreme diversity of knowledge needed to remain efficient in our field of expertise.

The very core of our projects and professions pushes us to acquire new skills and expertise.

Our skills, expertise and knowledge are the foundations of the innovative solutions that we bring to our clients.

Our shared foundation: humanity

People are the heart of RSI’s success. Our people are responsible for the development of RSI since its creation, and it’s the respect of one another other that has allowed us to successfully grow and will into the future.


We give a high importance to respectful relationships by promoting attentiveness, gratitude and sharing on a daily basis.


We commit to be united in providing spontaneous and friendly help.


We put all of our energy, motivation, passion and courage into our work. We take initiatives, and use our independence to find relevant solutions for our customers.

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