RSI Quality Policy

RSI delivers to the market Dynamic Simulation Solutions with a very high technical content. Advanced technology and highly qualified engineers are RSI assets.
Software and technical expertise make up the high added value of RSI offer. To be successful this offer involves a high level of confidence from the Clients.

RSI Quality Policy

  • We provide a constant ongoing understanding of client’s needs and objectives.

From the first sales contact to delivery, and through the project implementation process, RSI is committed to fully comply with the customer contractual requirements,

  • We anticipate market trends to provide customers with up to date technology and solutions.

RSI quality certificate ISO9001 dynamic simulationThis Quality Policy is supported by:

  • Technical fulfillment of the provided solutions and satisfaction resulting from a rigorous project management respecting cost and delivery,
  • Smooth functioning of all support processes.

Every RSI department is fully committed to provide Quality Indicators, and to improve tools and methods to achieve these objectives.

RSI is ISO9001 (2008) certified.

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